Urban Signature present its artists (2)

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Urban Signature presents in this video a selection of their artists.

This second video shows 4 street artists of Urban Signature:

  • Fernando Costa with his old enamelled panels to which he likes to give a second life to create unique works.
  • Stew makes us travel with his masks of kabuki, dragons, samurai and Jizo. This Japanese world is invited on his collages, his frescoes or his paintings.
  • Noty & Aroz draw their inspiration from popular culture to create Mythology characters.
  • Stoul is more and more interested in architecture and creates more structured and geometric works.

If you fall in love with the work of one of these artists, do not hesitate to send us your wishes in the “Order” section. We will be delighted to guide you to create a unique work on a customized support.