Born in Montpellier, colour is his essence, just as motion is his drive; and Zest strives to make work that synthesizes his various influences. His paintings, though single-mindedly abstract, never quite lose sight of his beginnings in graffiti and its figurative impulses, the influences that saw him grow to prominence in the 1990s. With his crew, he has signed frescoes from New York to Noumea and in most European capitals. His universe is one of suggestion: the letters of his pseudonym, a few cubic forms, with especially feminine contours. But any talk touching on Zest’s work must necessarily involve a discourse on colour, which is his obsession. Pastel tones versus bolder ones, even venturing into black, gray and white. His work attracts the eye and we are flattered by his art’s harmony. Nor are the worlds of design and fashion immune to his talent: he has collaborated with Philippe Starck and Agnès b.